Friday 8 November 2013

October Training

So October has come and gone in a flash.  Training is going OK.

The Tri Club fitness sessions have re-started for the winter period and are great fun.  The first session is always a beep-test together with some other basic fitness 'markers'.  I didn't get to my PB with the beeptest because of the knee issue, but never mind.  I'll try and get to these as much as possible (didn't manage many last year).

Running has been light only.  The knee has fully recovered (as i write in early Nov), but will continue for another couple of weeks to build it up slowly.  All runs have been at a steady pace while trying to concentrate on foot-strike position, a nice tall posture, rotated hips (forward to promote foot strike position) and relaxed shoulders.

Swimming has been the fun one.  For my Birthday I received a session at a local Swim Analysis center, TheTriLife.  Its an endless pool (not been in one before) where you are video'd from four positions to allow you / the coach to fully review the stroke.  From this, you can develop your stroke as required.  Fun seeing yorself swimming in the Steanless Steal plates on the floor of the pool. 
If you've not been in one, there is quite a current running down the center of the pool to swim against, and I found it awkward to remain in the current flow.  Look at the vid below and I don;t think i'm quite as stable as I am in a notmal pool.

I'd not had a one-to-one coaching session before, so was facinated to see how it turned out. 

Basically, every phase of the stroke I thought I was poor at was actually not too bad (hip rotation / streamline position), but those area that I throught were OK need attention (initial catch and arm position on the right hand side).

Below is one of the short clips that show a slow catch-up drill that will promote the catch correction.


The experience was fun, and I'll do another one early in the new year to hopefully show some improvement.

Pool swimming has been good.  Again, not really been doing any distances, just drill work mainly.
I've been using the watch that I've mentioned recently for a bit of analysis, but I can;t really see any benefit for it.  The data is not as comprehensive as I had hoped.  Ebay it soon! 

Cycling has been limited to MTB stuff (no recent crashes to report - bonus!), and hotel gym sessions.  I try to concentrate on either Interval sessions or Randon cycles just to change things up a bit, but I do go to the gym before (!) the ATC fitness sessions to get in a 10-mile TT.  These have been improving - down to 26m 20s at the moment with a typical power output of 230W during this time.  I know its only on a static bike (no wind resistance or hills), but its a measure of improvement if you do the same test on the same gym bike. Unlike the Swim watch, stats are really useful here - geek time!

More soon.


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