Friday 29 November 2013

November is here

November training has brought more of the same really, so nothing very 'inspiring', but I've definitely noticed that I'm feeling a lot more comfortable and stronger in some areas.

Running has been the typical problem for me. The Left Knee is now completely pain-free but somehow feels a little 'loose'. Maybe it’s down to the lack of strength there / subconscious bias towards the RHS knee / paranoia .... I don't know. I will be treating it very carefully through the next couple of months though before training really starts to ramp up.

This of course means that I needed another injury to scupper the running plans. Stand up Mr Sore Right Foot. Take a bow!

No idea how / why, but the arch over the top of the foot felt 'burnt'. Walking was OK, but the running stride was a problem. After a couple of weeks 'man-suffering' .... you know the type (Real serious stuff), I have finally got round to seeing a Physio. Nothing serious found to be wrong, but a bit of hitting with a Hammer and attaching with a Blow-Torch means that, within days, the foot is completely pain free and I'm thinking about that fast-walking stuff again. Again, will be starting real gently before planning an attack on pace / endurance though.

I've done a club evening run which was OK. Nice and COLD. Just love the cold :)

The one run that I have done (when I though the foot was cool) was the Park Run in Ashford. Park Runs are free organized events run by volunteers. They are held in towns across the country. Google 'ParkRun' and find your local one. No pressure, no expectations, nice and short. Just register, receive a Bar Code and go run :)

Ours is organized by a Tri Club member and real gent, Mr Jim Hawkins, so easy for me to decide to do it (Jim organizes the Club X-country events - MTB Duathlon and 666 Runs - Again, check out the web site).

So, the Park Run went much better than expected. PB of 20:48 for the 5K distance. Cool. Now, this only creates the question 'should I target sub-20 before , or should I stick to the plan and concentrate on form and technique through to Feb / March??' What do you think?

Cycling has been a little better split between Gym bike and road.

Out a couple of times with Allan (Clubbie again) who's a bit of an animal and kills me every time. I think this is good as it will hopefully drag some improvement out of me from somewhere. Probably an unmentionable part!!

You could never guess that cycling on Marsh roads brings constant head-winds, but it done. Be warned!

The gym bike work has been varied. Hotel gyms are SHIT! equipment is almost always knackered. Had the pleasure of a trip to USA for a week, so at least the Jet Lag meant that I could get in the gym in the early hours and not suffer sweaty Americans :)

The gym bike at the Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford (normal haunt) has very new equipment, is clean (and well vented) and quiet, just don’t tell everyone. I know that gym bikes are not ideal (riding position is more 'shopper' than road), but you have a regular point of reference from your last / typical work-out, and I complete a session and go straight to the Club Fitness session with Orange Hayley.

Swimming has just been the regular mornings. I've certainly concentrated on the 'drills' that were discussed following the coaching session. I’m feeling a lot stronger in the 'catch / pull phase. A little more balanced and fluid (pardon the pun). Will definitely remain focussed on this.

The Physio (note to self - do not type 'Psycho' - easy done!) was better than expected. Although I did need to get 'things' sorted, I'll also continue to go as regularly as I can afford. The more help my old pins can get, the better I think.

Plan for the next couple of weeks:


Sneak Preview:

Should be fun!

2 Get on the bike in the Shed - will provide pictures

2a Get on the bike in the woods- where's my MTB Buddy? ... must also buy a jet wash

2b Get on the bike on the road - don't get dropped so regularly

3 Slowly build the running

4 Another trip to the Physio.

.......... 'til next time.



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