Sunday 13 October 2013

Sept training then!

Well, I suppose that, with all of the euphoria of entering, the bike and setting up the post, I should really get down to the important stuff like training!!

With my last race way back in the early part of August, I had pretty much the rest of the month to take a vacation and do the odd little bit of excersise, but nothing too strenuous. 
Early Sept took me into thinking about the long-term plan and how it can fit into every-day family life.

For the 'technique' based period through until Feb / March time I should have early morning, a couple of evenings and one time slot for Sat / Sunday training available.

Early mornings will be split between Swim (on the way to work), Run (before work) or Core Excersises (at home).  Again, nothing too taxing, but enough to keep me rolling on.  They will only be 30 minute (ish) sessions.
Evening sessions will be limited to one or two times a week and will be a general mixture of Club Circuit Training (Wednesday evenings at the Julie Rose Athletics Stadium),  the gym,  Run (again at the Staduium on the track) or on the bike Rollers in the shed.  I aim to do about 1 - 1.5 hours each session, but they'll be limited to time and family comittments.

Sept training to date has been OK.  I'm happy with the levels of enthusiasm for now, and weather has been good. 
I've got a nice little swim watch for helping analyse swim efficiency, speed, stroke rate etc. Don't really like wearing a watch at the best of times, so will be strange to get used to. It's early days with this at the moment.  Once I have some reasonable data on the software I'll screen-dump an image to show if I'm getting better ..... or worst!  I'll be doing a Swim Analysis during Oct to hopefully help me out.

Running has been disappointing as I currently suffer a sore knee after longer runs that takes three / four of days to heal itself.  This means that I've only been out a few times.  I feel a trip to the physio coming on!  Fortunatelty it doesn't seem to affect the riding. 

Cycling has been FUN.  Part MTB, part road.  Some great gravel-rash on the right shoulder and back following a bit of 'over-exuberance' on a new local trail. All part of the attraction of MTB for me.
The road riding culminated in a Club Captain's Ride in the Sept sun which was great. 
The plan will be to use the roads for distance work and off-road for strength work (provided I can stay upright!).
Distance really not a problem, just speed needs to increase. 

Gym - I've not been over the Summer period (except for Hotel gyms), so getting back there was a bit strange.  Need to get used to being confined again.  I'll be doing more basic strength work through the winter which I didn't do last winter.  Hopefully this will help with the swim.

More Soon :)

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