Tuesday 6 May 2014

Off To A Cracking Start

So, 1st May and the training plan really kicks into gear now.

Since September I've been concentrating on the building the base endurance, technique work and injuries based on a typical schedule of a couple of swims a week, bike work at the Weekends and a mixture of core exercises / odd runs.

It was a little more than I had been doing before I entered Outlaw, but nothing extreme.

The training plan that I am basing my build-up on was found on-line. There are loads available. Some you pay for, and are quite specific on exactly what to do on any given day (even to the extent that it'll tell you what heart-rate zone to work in, what type of run session you do). Mine was just an indication of what discipline to do, general duration and 'type' of work-out (specific distance to cover or interval set). This gives me a little more freedom to add variety to the sessions - mix it up a bit.

So, basically I'll be following a course as follows:

Monday REST

Tuesday - Swim AM (before work), Short bike in the evenings

Wednesday - Swim AM - Run in the evening

Thursday - Short run or CORE before work - Open Water Swim after work

Friday - Swim in the Evening

Saturday - Mountain Bike for a couple of hours, then into short run

Sunday - Longer bike.

As I've probably mentioned before, I'm not fusses about dropping or changing sessions around day-to-day depending on how I feel (Read this as 'if I can RUN!!'), but work commitments will also be a factor. I'll try to limit the amount of time away from home, but I've already got a day-trip to Aberdeen to contend with. That'll effectively knock out that day and the next morning!!

So, the last Bank Holiday weekend gave a great start, with a Charity Ride for the local Pilgrims Hospice - 100 miles. Weather was great, company was great, longest ride yet and no saddle sores. Result!! Only downer was that Stef (ATC member and fellow Outlaw wannabee fell off and broke a Collar Bone. Really disappointed for him. With a major chunk of time to recover, he's withdrawn from the event. Get Well Soon Stef.

Almost perfect day. Sunny - not too warm - very little wind. Nice.

Bank Holiday Monday had more good weather, so a nice run in the lanes - 9 miles :). I figures that I'd go out in the sun to start to acclimatize a bit. Running in the sun is my worst nightmare as I feel my core temp rocket skywards. Guess I should have chosen a different event given this one is late July!!

Although the air temp was a reasonable 18 degrees, I went out while the sun was high in the sky offering little in the way of shade. Given the ride the day before, pace was OK, and I stopped a couple of times to have a chat with people along the way. Although you'd think this may be counter-productive, I'll always use these as simulation of food-stops (without the food!!) and an opportunity to test the legs. Try persuading the legs to get going again when tired. I literally have to talk to them. A strange sight of I'm in the middle of the High Street!

As you may have figured, the leg injury is doing good. I find the more (harder) I cycle the day before, the better the leg problems are. If I take a couple of days rest, the 'twinges' return and I struggle to get going again. I just wish I didn't walk like a 90 yr old when I get out of bed in the mornings.

Happy Days.



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