Wednesday 28 May 2014

Putting in the hours now!

Well, the training has really ramped up now and things are going well.

The first four-week rotation is nearly complete (three increasing intensity weeks then one lighter week) and its certainly a sea-change from anything I've done before. It's surprised me a bit. I thought that I did a reasonable amount of training in general for a hobby Triathlete, but really er ...... not! Any previous 'vision' of training before this Long Distance stuff was just mild delusion I think. Now that I'm in a structured program (albeit chop and change from day to day to counter the odd work commitment etc), I've noticed some slight performance improvements and I actually LOVE distance training, but by far the most noticeable change is ......... I can't stop eating. Now, I know that’s to be expected considering all of the energy being burnt etc, but I've never been a big eater. It's just bizarre.

Other things I have noticed:

  • I have muscle ache where I didn’t know I had muscles.
  • I can sleep ANYWHERE at ANY TIME
  • Did I say I can eat a horse?
  • Weight seems to be slightly down on when I started (78Kgs at the moment - calculated race weight should be 74Kgs given my height, but I am not going to try and achieve that).
  • Training late into the evening means I struggle to 'switch off' some times, so not many early nights!
  • Family is being VERY understanding (but the Missus is busy preparing for the new Kitchen (to be started once the race is over)
  • I cannot stop thinking about the race - all good thoughts though
  • Seeing what some other Team Mates are doing scares me ....... note to self - You are NOT competitive!
  • I'm looking forward to the Swim
  • I'm looking forward to the Bike
  • I am going to struggle on the run
  • My race time expectations are slowly extending


Swimming is going 100% to plan. Slowly building distance now. Open Water swimming has started and I still have a little trouble navigating for the first 5 minutes or so. Just a couple of pool swims a week now. One short, one longer, then one O/W swim (until closer to the race). No info to show you on this. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Bike is also looking OK. Pace remains the same. Can’t see that increasing, but I'm happy with the build-up in distance and how I can control the effort. Tan-line are coming on nicely too :)

Below is a screen shot of my Strava page. 93 hours in the saddle so far this year!

I did a couple of evening Interval sessions on the TT bike in the last couple of weeks, but an intended longer ride rattles a couple of screws loose and one fo the TT bar extensions (holding the gear lever!) fell off. That'll be mended this week and all systems will be officially GO! That’s the need for 'shake-down' rides right there!
Running is going well too. The injuries look like they are curing just in time for me to find some running legs again.
Given that I have done nowhere near the volume of running that I had anticipated over the winter (allowing a build-up in technique, stamina etc), I'm using the new-found enthusiasm to just run. There are only 8 weeks to go now. ........ (shit!), so I'll just use the next couple of weeks to get back to feeling comfortable about running, then try (!) to slow down and pace myself to finish, not go too fast. The lower legs are still the point of interest for me, but it seems to be the typical muscle soreness following a longer run and not any specific injury now.
I'm currently at a fraction under the 8 minute mile pace and can hold that for about 9 miles, BUT I'm fully aware that this is when I'm fresh (ish) and not when I've just been sitting on a bike busting my proverbial for 6+ hours! Brick sessions will come soon.

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