Tuesday 28 January 2014

How quick is this month going?

How quick is this month going?

Given that running remains a problem, I'm still quite positive about how the training has been going.

Bike has been great. After the icy roads of the Kent countryside, I needed to regain some confidence on two wheels, so a couple of trips to Bedgebury in the (really) sloshy mud has been great. Absolutely ideal for some fun, leg work and bike handling technique stuff. A couple of laps in the pleasant company of a fellow mud-junky ;) a couple of weeks ago i probably felt as strong as I've ever felt. Had the frozen toes been up to the task, I recon another couple of laps were for the taking..... next time! I'll certainly be maintaining the MTB action through the next phase of training. Anyone wanna join me?

On the road, I've been toes along by Allan (he's an animal), but again, feeling really good about the small steps I'm taking. This is backed up by progress on the Gym bikes I've used. It's difficult to compare one verses another, but they serve a purpose at the moment - making me feel good!

A couple of over-nighters with work have meant a little juggling of training sessions. Not too bothered with rotating the swim sessions as they are quite easy to slot in on other days, but lack or running (yes, STILL) means gym bike, rollers or core strength sessions.

I've drawn up some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions that I can do on the move and on the Rollers in the shed. To my surprise, I'm loving them. Generally one hour long and focussed on one particular aspect of training. Also a chance to catch up with my aging music collection :D

I did a Bike one in the gym of Uni Loughborough. I think I was the only one sweating (like a waterfall - NOT cool). Received some funny looks, but hay, no pain, no gain ..... apparently. A bit daunting being flanked by former England Rugby players at breakfast next morning though. They remain built like Brick Outhouses (except Mike Catt. I'm bigger than him:))

So, on to the saga of the Running. Not one run since before Xmas had me panicking for a bit, but some great words of encouragement and offers of help have been gratefully received. I'm certainly gonna take them up.

The calf took a full on 4 weeks with regular 'attention' (icing, massage etc) before it felt 100% last weekend, so I thought I'd trot round the Park Run to see how it felt. Result - SORE again! Ahhhh. Am I an idiot or what? So, cashing in on the offer of assistance SOOOON. Having said that, it's been 4 days since the run and the calf is recovering from that really quite quickly, so maybe this was just a bit of a consequence of not running for such a long time. Think I should have taken it easier for the first few runs!

Hope I've not bitten off too much, but Headcorn Half Marathon has been entered at the end of Feb, so I'm forming an action plan for this. I'm not too worried about the distance as fitness is not an issue, so I'll just use this a a bit of distance training. There is another 1/2 marathon in Paddock Wood (done it before) in March and I'll use this as a pointer of form!

The Outlaw Club (ATC members doing the same event) had a get-together last Friday evening. There was a distinct lack of Alcohol around which was a bit weird, but we (I) had a great evening. Just a general chit-chat about what our individual expectations were, how we are going about training, dealing with the nerves, plans etc. It was really encouraging. Think we are going to make this a regular thing. All round mine next! If any of you are reading this, I've already bribed the Missus to cook :) so no worries there.

Given the recent calf injury management, I have one piece of advice to offer - Never, ever leave the Deep Heat tube next to the Toothpaste in your swim bag! #nearmiss



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