Tuesday 18 February 2014

Running update

Finally, progress ......

Running has been a little concerning for me over the last couple of posts (as some of you have noticed).

Trying to drop little niggling injuries to the LHS Calf had taken a lot longer than I had initially hoped for. I had been religiously using the Foam Roller, self-massage and stretching to ease tightness, using all manner of gloop and lotions in an attempt to help cure.

The frustration was that I knew that I had to wait for the injury to heal fully before I went through the process of gait analysis and new trainers, then on to concentrating about the run technique work and building up the miles. If i'd tried to er.... run before I can walk, then I'd create more problems.

Since the other training is going exactly as intended, the fact that running was lagging behind only added to the frustration.

However, I was a good little soldier and a really good trip to the Physio taking in some acupuncture did seem to trigger a recovery. A week later and the pain and soreness had completely gone. A further 4 days of no running left me happy enough to do the gait analysis (showing Over-pronation) and one shiny new pair of trainers later and I'm back on the road TFFT!

So only a couple of runs to date, building up real slowly. A 5 k and then a gentle 7.5 miler without a hitch.

I must say, feeling comfortable on the bike and with core / gym exercises, I'd not even considered that running would be so draining on the legs. It'll only be a short time before it comes back to me, but it does show that I've got some catching up to do.

I'll stick to my training plan to make sure I don't overdo the run in an enthusiastic effort to catch up though. Plenty of time yet.

I'll also make sure I keep up the roller and pampering to keep the calfs in tip top condition. I'm sure there will be other niggles to come along, but I'll just have to make sure that any training I do is as positive as possible to compensate for those times that I need to ease off for a while.

Bike is going good - except for the fact that it's even too muddy for the MTB, so plenty of catching up on films in the shed.

Swim is going great. slowly transitioning for technique to a little speed work (although not too speedy if you get what I mean!!).

Also built in 2 Core sessions a week into my plan for those 'lighter' mornings.

I've got a local 1/2 marathon at the weekend. I'll post again after that to present the progress. Naturally not expecting too much form this, so will treat it as a purely training exercise..... until the gun goes :).


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