Friday 3 January 2014

Happy New Year everyone

A very happy New Year to everyone. Happy training

A quick update on Xmas training......

ZERO Swimming. None planned so no drama there.

Plenty of Bike :)

Have my Rollers returned from a load-spell with a friend, so I've been in the shed quite a bit catching up on some films (and wimping out on the poor weather - well mostly).

Now, there seems to be two camps in the cycling world when it comes to training on the bike - Turbo Trainer v Rollers.

A typical Turbo Trainer


The Turbo Trainer physically clamps your bike firmly into the Trainer frame so that it is fixed in position. This allows you to move around a bit on the bike, apply a bit more power and, on most reasonable Trainers there is a variable resistance so that you can vary your work-out. However, there is not a lot of scope for improving technique / bike handling.

Rollers offer a different experience. The bike simply sits on top of three rolling tubes meaning that it acts as a rolling road. You cycle just like you are on the road (just without pot holes or Lorries). The training differences are that you cannot vary the resistance of the rollers while training  so you can’t vary your training as much during a session (I just let the tyres down a bit to offer some increased resistance), but you do have to actively cycle, thus encouraging you to improve technique (pedal efficiency and handling). I just find them much more fun because you've got the risk of a crash :) ...... not that I've done that before! Just check out some YouTube clips to get the biggest grin. I laugh so loud that it hurts. I treat this as Core Strength training!

Cycle Rollers:

I'll be using my rollers (filmed) to help set my TT bike up ..... when I get round to it.

I did get out once on the road over the holidays. Probably the only bright sunny day. Started out frosty, so I delayed the start to about midday. Got 25 mikes out and, while pedalling past my Sister's place I hit some ice that remained in the shadows of the road-side hedge. Literally everything clenched up but I still made it over without eating dirt. A miracle. It did knock my confidence though, so i gingerly headed home. What a baby.

Running has still been almost non-existent. I did the Park Run just before Christmas with little Sis Laura and my daughter Aimee. Sis got a great PB, but Aimee tried so hard she er..... revisited breakfast (!!) so I walked back in with her. A DNF, but a proud Dad.

Almost immediately after this I picked up yet another leg injury (mid-calf). No idea how and I certainly wasn't running. I went the entire holiday without breaking into a stride and though that I had it licked, but a run with the Club last night left me struggling to reach a gentle trot after about 20 minutes. Hurts like hell today.  Another physio trip booked already.
I'm taking steps (pardon the pun) to look at my running to see if it's something I'm doing (read 'what I'm doing wrong').
I'm getting really concerned that I'm not going to be able to string together any properly structured running training because of my constant niggling problems. Anyone got any advice? #Ijustwannarun

Check in again when the physio delivers her verdict.




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