Thursday 9 April 2015

And it's over before it began

The last sentence from the previous post reads 'GET INTO MY PLAN AND STICK WITH IT ........ for a while at least!'.  And so it passes.  That while turns out to be a full two weeks.

New Year action was looking positive.  The new Turbo regimen was working a treat.  PC issues all gone, bike almost permanently set up in the shed so that I can just jump on and ride.  FTP numbers increased from an initial 250W to 299W and really loving it.
Running going well too.  Sticking to any one of three regular country lane routes with some small hills to keep me honest, I wasn't bounding out the big miles, but the 5 - 10 mile runs were coming to me easy with a fairly constant 8 minute mile pace without trying too hard.  Perfect.
Swimming was just ticking over, mainly due to work and not being able to 'pick it up'.  I was happy with the progress (short sessions revolving around short 100 or 200 repeats mostly) and awaiting the start to the (reasonable) Open Water season where I'd up the distance quickly compared to last years efforts.
Job, as they as, is a good'un.

So, re-winding a bit, and I'd received the expected 6-monthly Out-patient Appointment in Nottingham as a standard follow-on from my visit last year.  No problems.  They had even postponed the date form early Jan back to mid Feb because of the typical NHS scheduling process.  Again, no problem. 

I was more than happy to take a day off and have a relaxing 350 mile round trip for the 10 minute consultation for closure and continuity purposes if for nothing else. 
In typical fashion, while the Doc was reading my notes off his nice PC screen, I had to fill him in on the circumstances, what / why / wherefore etc etc.  As far as I was concerned, ramping up the training following the Kitchen Project had gone exactly to plan.  The ONLY time that I'd been cautious of how I felt during training was an extended MTB ride with some friends that was a little out of my comfort zone (compared to their fitness levels and experience).  After 4+ hours on the bike my chest just felt a little heavy.  Nothing more.  I quickly recovered and training continued.  No dramas.

So, the appointment was at 15:50 and I was back in the car by 16:15.  Parking was only GBP 2.00 as well.  Bonus!
The trip home was uneventful (except for my singing) and I was home by 21:00 if my grey and fuzzy memory recalls.
Back at work the next day and I receive a call from Senior Management (Wife) asking if I have received the answerphone message from home.  NO?  'twas the Doc calling.  "Hello Mr Farrell Its Doc Hollywood (Not really, but I can't think of a better name at the moment).  We've reviewed your notes and would like to conduct further tests.  Can you call me back ASAP?'  Ah!

I replied the next working day and yes, you guessed it.  They've reviewed the previous screen-shots from the Echo and Angio taken during my stay last August and would like to discuss further 'treatment'.  Without misspelling some long words, they want to further investigate the Congenital Heart Defect with a view to 'rectification' if required, raising the risk of Stroke from blood clots passing from one heart vessel to another, then directly on to the brain.  No brain to speak of, so side-lining that one for now.
Twice I'd been waved goodbye and told the if I have any further reoccurrences of any chest pain then visit my GP, but otherwise, have a nice life.  Sure I say, no problem.  You too. 

Since that call, officially SHIT.  What the sod'in hell do I think now?  WTF, OMG, BOLLOCKS, and anything else the youth of today say.  What do I do?  I have no clarity and no real answers.  I'm not sure that the Docs see that I do a little more then 'exercise'. 
During the call I stated that I was happy to have further test done, but also requested that my care was moved closer to home - another suggestion that the Consultant in Notts recommended back in August.  Great.  Easy!!  NOT.  In my confusion, I didn't really ask what I am / am not able to do in the mean time, and follow-on calls have so far fallen on deaf ears.  Not surprising as I have to call twice just to actually receive the letter between Notts NHS and my local joint detailing the care transfer request. Moreover, we distinctly discussed the fact that I was not on any medication, and they didn't suggest I should immediately commence any, or even visit my GP pending a further consultation.  Angry Bird right here.

In the mean time, stress levels have just gone through the roof.  Literally since the day of the call I can feel absolutely EVERY heart beat.  Every little twinge or pull that people probably have every day of the week but never really notice.
Over-night I have gone from feeling strong and really positive about the Summer - maybe even more so that last year in a different way.  Not overawed with the IM thing.  Enjoying it in a different way and feeling improvements. everywhere.  As I write this I feel like someone has a Size 10 (Soucony of course) firmly planted on my Sternum and the only time it comes off is at night in bed!

6 weeks passed before I received the letter, and I'm just now awaiting a date for a local consultation.  I am not expecting this to be very quick either.

ALL thought of racing this year have been blown away and I withdrew from Outlaw last week.  Training has now been replaced by the dreaded 'exercise'  and I'm probably doing one swim, one run, one shed bike and one road bike per week without pushing myself at all.  Absolutely NO hard effort until I have finally been given the all clear to go for it.
Strangely the only time I feel 100% is during exercise (!) when I feel I'm actively controlling my heart rate.  Go figure.

I've been feeling pretty pissed at the hole thing lately.  I should apologise to these Tri friends who clearly immediately noticed something was up and offered kind words of support.  I'm not really very good at opening up (Blogging is my Therapy ...... Does that rhyme with a song?) and obviously not very good at acting either.  Appreciate it guys.  Also, I think I pissed them off a bit by updating my Facebook Banner - maybe inappropriately in hindsight.  Now revised!  Just goes to show that the head isn't there at the moment.

That'll be it for Tri Talk with this Blog ...... until I receive the All Clear.  Any suggestions for a new hobby in the mean time? ...... and a Tri Bike for sale?


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