Thursday 5 February 2015

Just my luck!

How the hell does anyone ever actually stick to a plan?

So I have a lucky trip abroad with work,  Dubai no less ............ but hold your horses.  It just entailed long days on a Trade Stand speaking to numerous people from the Healthcare Industry in the Arabic region, plus a day to set up and a day to re-pack stuff.  Joy!  Long days and long evenings meant not too much time to myself.

Home for four days ......

I wasn't expecting anything else really, but it might have been nice!  I'm stuck in an Exhibition Centre so wouldn't know that it WAS 25 degrees and clear blue skies.  May have well been a Manchester Summer (Rain every day).
Just to rub salt into the wounds, on the Friday that I did have off (got dragged round the Creek area where EVERYTHING was closed) I find out the Dubai Desert Classic golf was playing just round the corner.  Then, to add Vinegar onto the salt in the wound, I get home and the Tour of Dubai runs the very next week!   AHhhhhhhh  Whats a guy got the do?
Just to carry on the moan, I catch a cold on the last day and feel crap for the first week home.
I'll look at the bright side though.  I did get quality time in a decent Hotel Gym, had a (bit too warm) 25 meter pool to myself every morning and visited some fantastic restaurants and Hotel bars, so al in all, probably ends up evens with Lady Luck!

Why has this pic attached 90 degrees out?  Anyone?
I knew about the trip just prior to the Christmas break, so has intended to use it as a starting point to getting back to serious training.  I even finished creating my training plan before I left.  Its based on last years as I found it easy to fit in around home and work commitments, but instead of working on a 3wk / 1wk system, I've modified it to a 2wk / 1wk program so that I can add to the recovery a bit.  I'm also really motivated to stick to pre-set work-outs fro each session instead of just piling on the time like last year.  Its already showing progress with the bike on the Turbo, so I'll create running specific workouts to complete (both on and off road).
To compound my frustration, I was all set to kick it up straight away on my return, but this Cold wasn't in the plan.  Just means more CORE work (no 6-pack - doubt I'll ever get there, but lots of 'cross-directional' strength stuff  to help with running and swimming stroke). 
Although not yet fully recovered (I'm writing this when I'm off work er ........ sick), I did go for a gentle trot last night.  Lovely and cold, full moon - you know the scenario by now. 
Et Voila ......
Rocking a nice new pair of Saucony's in a certain 'Foff Yellow' (should be the official colour name - Mr H, have a word).  They seem sweet so far.  Will keep you updated on those.
Also just subscribed to Instagram to try and prompt more pics of training stuff if I ever remember to do it.  Search chaoswill1 if you wanna follow.  Also chaoswill on Strava where I log bike and run stuff.
PC / Turbo connection issues were sorted in the days before the trip, so will be banging out a session this evening before our regular Thursday shopping trip.  Get in there! ....... the shed that is. 
Hopefully back out on a proper bike this weekend if I'm better and the weather is at least a bit reasonable.  Need the fresh air.
Key words today:
Motivated (training)
Demotivated (work)
Sore (throat / nose)
Bemused (almost everything else)
The plan now ....
GET INTO MY PLAN AND STICK WITH IT ........ for a while at least!
W :)


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