Wednesday 5 March 2014

First Public Appearance of the TT Bike.

Oh nice :)

Suprisingly comfortable (for the five minutes I spent on it!).  Will have to see how a longer ride goes.


  1. Position looks great. I've never tried rollers but just watching this makes me see the point. I have to wait for my TT bike to be built... 4 weeks and counting then I'll be out with you for some century rides... Pete W

  2. First stab at the riding position. We'll see if it needs developing over the road rides. think that you'll be starting your 100+ rides a little earlier than me, but let me know when / where. Will have to road test before though.
    Rollers are 'The Bomb'. Can see the point of Turbo, but Rollers target peddle stroke efficiency much better, and they are MUCH riskier :)