Wednesday 18 September 2013

It all starts now

So, my entry into Outlaw seems in the distant past already (3 weeks ago!!) and I have the pleasure of knowing that 5 other ATC members have entered the same event. This could work one of two ways. We could work together over the next 10 months and train long and hard, bouncing off each other and get the best out of ourselves, or I could get completely phased and demoralized by the constant progression of the others and by my seeming inability to keep to a training schedule / progress in any way etc , etc.

Hopefully it will be the former.

Training Plan

In any case, I think that I'll have to stick largely with my own training schedule that will look something like this:
For the period up to early Feb I'll be concentrating on Technique work, especially with running. Hopefully it will promote efficiency.

This will lead in to Speed work between Feb and April, then start to lengthen the work and incorporate long-duration Endurance building brick sessions (swim into run, cycle to run sessions).

I've compiles a training Calendar that will help me stick to some kind of schedule. For these early stages I'm not too fussed about mixing up the scheduled tasks, so long as I keep the spread of work similar on a week by week basis.

It will mainly be based on two / three early morning swims each week before work, two / three evening runs or bike sessions (rollers in my shed - I'll get some pictures of this), then a long session over the weekend, probably mountain bike or road bike.

Using the weekly plan, there will then be a further training rotation where week one to three will get increasingly harder sessions, with week four then being a relatively gentle 'recovery' week (if that makes any sense).

My training schedule will also be hampered by the fact that I sometimes need to stay away from home during the week for work. I'll just have to make sure I get a hotel with a gym or pool, and take my trainers! Sometimes that is the best way to pass the time when you're away from home ... go exploring on a run!

I'll try and track these activities on my internet training page and see if I can work out how exactly to link them to the Blog site. It may need to be linked to my Google+ account.

There are numerous types of web-based training log sites available. It’s difficult to know exactly which one is best. I've an account on STRAVA which is a great cycling based tool that logs maps of any routes completed (via the data from a GPS enabled computer thing link my Garmin 301) and then automatically compares any hills climbed on this route to all other members, then creates a league table. You can compare times against friends / rivals or previous rides and assess your increase (or otherwise) in performance. Now, this is a little competitive for me, but it can be quite interesting!! Strava has recently introduces a running section too so it is a little more able to cope with the range of Ironman training, but I have difficulty in that I have a Blackberry, and Strava doesn't support this device. Loathed to get an alternative just to cope with this!

The alternative is MapMyTri, which by its very name, caters for all training formats, but is not quite so specific as to place rides / runs on a league table. May be much more appropriate for me as Ironman is more a competition with yourself (at my level anyway!).
MapMyTri page:

Again, hope my blagging makes sense. Let me know if there are any specific details of my training that you'd like to hear about.


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